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Art and Painting for Children

All about art and painting for children, including art projects, painting ideas, colouring pages, on-line kids art activities, and more.
  1. Free Kids Coloring Pages (10)

Finger Painting
Finger painting is an easy way to have some creative fun, no matter your age.

Easy Technique for Painting Handmade Christmas Cards Using Wax Resist
Want to create your own, handmade Christmas cards? It's quick and easy with this wax-resist painting technique.

How to Make Paper
Teach children how to make paper from scrap or leftover paper.

Art Word Search Puzzles
Get your braincells working with this collection of word search puzzles containing art terms.

Top Art ABC and First Concepts Books for Kids
A collection of recommended picture books that use art as a theme to teach ABCs and basic concepts to children.

Art for Kids: Creative Ways to Paint
Sherri Osborn, About's Family Crafts Guide, presents ideas for creative ways to paint, and unusual things to use for painting.

Art for Kids: Ideas for Making Prints
Sherri Osborn, About's Family Crafts Guide, presents ideas for making prints and patterns using various objects.

Crayon Etching
Create a colorful crayon etching by scratching lines into an etching surface easily made using color crayons and a black crayon.

Online Collage Creator: Remix
Don't like collage because you hate getting glue on your fingers? Then try this online version from Moma.

Art for Kids: Quick and Easy Way to Create a Landscape
Follow the photos and you'll quickly and easily create a realistic landscape.

Online Collage Machine
The Online Collage Machine is the digital equivalent of collaging with pieces of paper of different colours and shapes, and pictures. And if you get bored with the collage options in the machine, there's a link at the bottom to the Online Collage Machine No2 with a whole range of new collage elements.

Abstract Art for Kids: Cloud Inventor
An on-line cloud inventor or designer that allows you to use your imagination to create a cloud, then watch it drift across the sky. (Easy to use.)

Create a Digital Mobile
Have fun creating a mobile like those the artist Alexander Calder did. You can alter the shapes, colours, and speed. My favourite view is with 'trails' on (click on 'top view' to get this option).

Online Graffiti
Create your own graffiti against a wall using a digital spraycan -- just remember, you're not the only one painting!

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