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Painting Problem: How to Paint Circles

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How to paint circles
Painting © Diane Leckenby

From the Artist, Diane Leckenby: I love doing circles in my paintings. What I do is to first draw the circle with a pencil, using a plate or saucepan lid whatever size you need (there is always something in the house) on my painting. Then, using a fairly soft square brush, start with the edge of the circle. Use the edge of the brush to go all the way around the circle, then change to a bigger brush for the center.

More Tips on Painting Circles:

  • From the Painting Guide: Use a brush where the hairs don't spread out but drag together nicely to give a sharper edge rather than a ragged one. My favorite brush shape is a filbert and turned so you're leading with the narrow side, this works well to tidy up the edge of a "colored-in" circle. For an outlined circle, a rigger brush may work best as you can get a longer line without having to stop and start. But it takes a bit of practice to get a line of consistent width.

  • From Tina Jones: Trace and cut a flat kitchen sponge for larger circles, smoothing out the sponge marks when you've applied the paint with a brush. Or make a stencil out of cardboard and paint it in.

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