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Step-by-Step Painting Demos and Tutorials


This collection of step-by-step painting demos and tutorials ranges from landscapes and seascapes to self-portraiture to abstracts. Each demo takes you through the process of creating a painting, from initial steps to the final painting.
  1. Beginner's Demos
  2. Painting the Sea
  3. Landscape Painting
  4. Other Styles of Landscapes
  1. Wildlife and Animal Painting
  2. Abstracts and Abstractions
  3. Figures, Portraits, and Self-Portraits

Beginner's Demos

Beginner painting demos

These painting demos deal with relatively simple, straightforward subjects. They're intended to be building blocks to help you develop your painting skills. You've got to learn to walk with your paint brush if you want to run wild with it and your imagination successfully.

Painting the Sea

Painting the Sea

The sea is a tantalizing subject to paint, with its ever-changing colors and moods. Whether your painting style is realism or abstract, painting the sea alone could be a lifetime's work.

Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting

One of the keys to painting a landscape successfully is to ensure you have a consistent direction of sunlight, with all your shadows falling the same direction. It may sound obvious, but a beautiful landscape can seduce you into forgetting this.

Other Styles of Landscapes

Chinese Painting

A couple of painting demos that deserve their own category as they're unlike any of the other landscape paintings.

Wildlife and Animal Painting

Wildlife painting

Whether you aspire to paint a friendly feline, a big cat in the wild, or a creepy crawly, painting fur, feathers, and scales is a compelling challenge.

Abstracts and Abstractions

Abstract art

Pure abstract art is a painting "without a subject", whereas an abstraction reflects of the source of its inspiration, but of course there are all sorts of possibilities inbetween.

Figures, Portraits, and Self-Portraits

Figure painting

One of the advantages of painting a self-portrait is that the model is always available when you're ready to paint.

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