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Sketching for Painting: Is there a Right or a Wrong Way?


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Sketching Step 1: Assess the Subject of the Sketch
Sketching Step by Step

Sketching Step by Step

When you're sketching a scene, is there a right way to be going about it and a wrong way? The answer, simply, is no. A sketch is something you create for yourself, for your own reference and benefit. What you use to create a sketch and what you put into it is up to you entirely. Only you will know, through experience, what you find essential to include in a sketch you intend to use for a painting and what kind of notes you need to make on it (if any).

Take a look at the beach scene below, which lends itself to a very wide, panoramic painting, from the skyscrapers on the left all the way to where the mountain disappears into the sea on the right. The clouds on the horizon are a cold front coming in, a characteristic weather system of the area.

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