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7 Steps to a Successful Painting


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Step 7: Finishing the Painting
7 Steps to a Successful Painting
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Do not finish the painting, but find a good place to stop. Resist the temptation to fix everything. Let it bother people, especially you. Now is a good time to put on a few highlights with thick paint in the lightest areas – ever so gently lay the paint on top in one stroke without scrubbing.

Step back, get out of the way, let the paint be paint! There will always be more to do and the more you do, the more you snuff the life out of the thing, trying to fix and finish it all.

Note: This is an extract from Canadian artist Brian Simon’s book 7 Steps to a Successful Painting, and used with permission. Brian says his book evolved from his years of teaching people from all walks of life to paint with acrylics. “It represents the heart of my 18-hour workshop program and is enormous fun for young and old.”

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