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7 Steps to a Successful Painting


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The ‘Secret’ Behind the 7 Steps
7 Steps to a Successful Painting
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Each of us has been endowed with the ability to create. Some have actualized this ability more than others. Many people I know were discouraged early in life from doing anything artistic and adopted beliefs about themselves that made it impossible in their minds for anything ‘creative’ to come from them. If you’re one of them, you’re in for a real surprise. I am of the conviction that anyone can paint. As far as I am concerned, if you have a pulse, and have enough manual dexterity to sign your name, you can paint.

But you need to trust the process, the method set out in these seven steps. Do each step as honestly and as faithfully as you can without skipping or combining steps, or adding anything. Preliminary sketches, measuring, and drawing are not asked of you. Just do the simple steps in sequence, showing courage and trust at each step. Do not proceed to the next step until you are happy with what you have.

The method can be used for oils and acrylics, but the ‘thick over thin’ principle must be adhered to and you may have to wait for the under painting and value study to dry before proceeding. I often work up to the value study in acrylic and then change to oil.

Though this method of painting may seem quite simple and unsophisticated, it works. The focus is about putting down exactly what you see, as you see it. So let’s get started!

(This article is an extract from Brian Simon’s book 7 Steps to a Successful Painting, and used with permission.)

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