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Painting Technique: Iridescent Oil Pastels as a Painting Background

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The background for this linoprint was created with a gold, iridescent oil pastel.
Photo of gold background for painting or printmaking using iridescent oil pastels

The gold background for this linoprint was created using an iridescent oil pastel, blended smooth.

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One of the problems with gold paint can be getting an even, smooth finish. So for this linoprint, I used an iridescent oil pastel which I then blended smooth with a finger. Another advantage was that I didn't have to wait for it to dry before printing the linocut over it.

Note: I used oil-based relief-printing ink to print over the oil pastels, not a water-based ink. The pastel will shift and rub off a bit if you touch it, so the artwork would need to be protected under glass. Using this technique for a one-off card, I'd use one of those folded formats where there's effectively a mount on top of the image. Get the lighting right, and the iridescent pastel photographs beautifully, so making prints from an artwork is definitely an option.

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