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Art Worksheet: Apple Painted with Expressive Brush Strokes

A free printable worksheet for practicing expressive brush strokes.


Painting an apple in an expressive style
Photo © 2009 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.
Use this color mixing worksheet to practice painting in an expressive style. (See What is an Expressive or Painterly Style?)

Print it to trace it onto a sheet of watercolor paper (or thick sketching paper). Or, if your printer has waterproof ink in it, print it directly onto a sheet of paper.

The arrows on the worksheet indicate the basic structure of the apple. Paint the three arrows that give the outline of the apple first, then the arrows running across the width of the apple. Use a wide brush, or knife and resist blending the edges of the marks you're making. Instead paint over what's already there, repeating the sequence until you're satisfied with the result.

On my painted version of this art worksheet you can see I added some background and foreground. I painted it using a knife and when I wanted to change color, I wiped the knife clean in the area that would be the foreground.
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