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Fold and Paint Your Own Christmas Cards


How to Fold a Piece of Paper Into a Card
Fold and Paint Your Own Christmas Cards
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It's great fun to make your own Christmas cards and wonderful to receive handmade cards. And making Christmas cards isn't tricky - you just need a sheet of card or even ordinary paper (if it's quite thin, fold it twice to ensure it stands up).

The size of card or paper you start with will determine the ultimate size of your card. You can, of course, cut the piece of card smaller, but the advantage of using it the size you buy it is that the edges are perfectly straight.

When it comes to the image you put on the card, you could use a Christmas stencils for the image, print the cards on your computer using one of your paintings that you've scanned in (or taken a digital photograph of) or Christmas clip art, or if you've lots of time, paint each individually.

Decide on a Format
Think about whether you want a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) format card. There is no right or wrong here, it's down to personal preference and what best suits the image you're going to put on the card.

Fold the Paper or Card
If you're wanting a portrait format, fold the sheet of paper in half along the longest edge first (put the two short edges together). If you're wanting or landscape format card, fold the sheet of paper in half along the shortest edge first (put the two long edges together). Run your thumbnail down the fold to flatten it. If it's a thin sheet of paper, fold it in half again the other way so you've something that will stand up better.

Remember Which Side is at the Top
Remember that when your sheet of paper is flat, the front side and the inside where the message goes aren't the same way up (see diagram). This is particularly important if you're printing your cards from your computer.

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