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How to Paint Like the Old Masters

Studying the methods, palettes, and techniques of the Old Masters is a sure-fire way to improve your own painting.
  1. Famous Painters: Giorgio Morandi

Painting and Art Styles: From Realistic to Abstract
Part of the joy of painting in the 21st century is the range of art styles to choose from. This list outlines major art styles from most realistic to least.

Palettes and Techniques of the Old Masters: Leonardo da Vinci
A look at the colours that the Old Master Leonardo da Vinci used in his paintings.

Palettes and Techniques of the Old Masters: Rembrandt
A look at the colours the Old Master Rembrandt has on his palette, and the painting techniques he used.

Painting in the Style of Old Masters: Sfumato and Chiaroscuro
There are two classic styles of painting which we associate with the Old Masters, sfumato and chiaroscuro. Find out what the difference is, and how to implement the styles in your own paintings.

Camera Lucida: An Optical Illusion Used by the Old Masters
A camera lucida is an optical device that allows you to see what you wanted to paint or draw as if reflected on your piece of paper.

The Palette and Techniques of Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh deliberately set about using colours to capture mood and emotion, rather than using colours realistically. At the time, this was completely unheard of.

How to Paint Like an Expressionist
A look at how the Expressionists used color in their paintings and how you could learn to paint in an expressive style.

How to Paint like Monet
Learn how to paint like the Impressionist Claude Monet, starting with the colors of the paints on his palette and his use of broken color as a painting technique.

Palettes and Techniques of the Impressionist Masters: Claude Monet
A look at the techniques and colors used by that most famous of Impressionists, Claude Monet.

Techniques of the Impressionists: Broken Color
Using broken color is one of the fundamental painting techniques used by the Impressionists. Find out more about broken color and how to paint using this technique.

What Colours Did the Impressionists Use for Shadows?
How the Impressionists changed the colors we use to paint shadows by rejecting black.

Impressionism is Not a Dirty Word
A contemporary Impressionist, Jerry Fresia, dispels some myths about Impressionism.

Palettes and Techniques of the Masters: What Paint Did Pollock Use?
Learn about the type of paint the famous American Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock used in his paintings, and about his painting technique.

Palettes and Techniques of the Masters: Gauguin
A look at the colours the Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin used in his palette.

Palettes and Techniques of the Old Masters: The Use of Ultramarine
Learn about how genuine ultramarine wascharacteristic color in Medieval paintings, and was once the most expensive pigment available.

Palettes and Techniques of the Masters: the Pre-Raphaelites
A look at the colours the Pre-Raphaelites used in their paintings, and a list of the modern-day equivalents so you can follow their techniques.

Painting FAQ: How Can I Use Gold in a Painting Like Klimt?
If you've admired the way Klimt uses gold in his paintings and want to do something similar, this painting FAQ will help.

How to Create an Op Art Painting
Instructions on how to create an Op Art painting using a geometric grid to give the illusion of movement.

Vincent van Gogh on Tone and Color Mixing
What did Van Gogh think about tone and color mixing? This extract from a letter he wrote in 1882 tells us.

The Accidental Discovery of Prussian Blue
The discoverer of Prussian blue, the colourmaker Diesbach, was in fact not trying to make a blue, but a red. Hard to believe, but true. Read what went wrong.

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