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Plein Air Painting: Acrylics Checklist
Portable easel for plein air painting or sketching outdoors.
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Acrylics Plein Air Painting Checklist:
• A selection of acrylic paints
• At least one brush
• Bottle of water
• Cup for washing brushes
• Paper towel or cloth for wiping brushes on
• Palette
• Paper, boards, or canvas
• If necessary, an empty bottle for pouring dirty paint water into, for disposable back home.

Tips: • Consider using pieces of primed canvas which you tape to a board (foamboard weighs the least), then roll up when the painting is dry. Back home you can stretch them onto stretcher bars or glue them down onto a board.
• A disposable paper palette makes cleaning up easy.
• A moisture-retaining palette with a solid lid makes it easy to transport your paints.

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