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Landscape Painting, Including Painting Trees, Clouds, and Sky

How-tos and tips to help with your landscape painting, from deciding which direction the sunlight should come from, to painting realistic trees and clouds.
  1. How to Paint Clouds and Sky (13)
  2. Plein Air Painting (7)
  3. How to Paint Trees (7)

Top 7 Tips for Landscape Painting
A collection of tips to help you with your landscape painting.

Sea Painting: Observing the Sea with an Artist's Eye
Tips on how to paint the sea, including the colors to use and dealing with an ever-moving subject.

Planning Landscape Paintings
A look at the decisions you need to make when planning landscape paintings, before you even put a brush into some paint.

Why Light Direction Matters in a Landscape Painting
One decision that must be made at composition stage, is where the light is going to come from as this influences the shadows, contrasts, and colors. So what are the choices?

How to Paint a Sunset
Tips on how to paint a sunset working quickly and decisively.

How to Paint Realistic Water Drops
Transparent water drops are very appealing things to paint and not as hard to paint as you might have thought, as this tutorial shows.

How to Paint Ripples in the Ocean
Use this easy technique to learn how to paint realistic ripples of any size in water.

How to Paint a Basic Background for a Landscape
See how to paint a background for a landscape without wasting paint or time.

Landscape Painting Step by Step : Quiver Tree
This landscape painting is one of a series which came out of a trip made to Namaqualand. Follow me through the quiver tree painting step by step...

How to Use Salt to Create Snowflakes in Watercolor
A quick technique for creating texture in a watercolor painting, perfect for snowflakes!

Landscape Painting: Creating a Series
What makes a group of landscape paintings a series and why would you paint a series of landscapes?

Abstract Painting Step by Step: Heat 1
Abstract Painting: A step-by-step demonstration of painting an abstracted landscape titled ‘Heat’, using reds, oranges, and yellow.

Andy Goldsworthy's Cairn at Penpont, Scotland
A series of photos taken at Andy Goldsworthy's cairn at Penpont, Scotland.

Taking Our Cues from Nature
Canadian Artist Robert Genn writes about the cues we can find in nature for our paintings.

Where to Find Free Reference Photos to Use in Paintings
Find out where you can obtain free reference photos that you can use in your paintings.

Best Ground Color for Snow
What colors to choose starting a snow painting on a colored ground.

Reference Photos for Artists: Landscapes
Reference photos for artists: photographs of landscapes to use for inspiration and reference in your paintings and artwork.

Reference Photos for Artists: Snow Landscapes
Brrrr, get ready to feel the cold with this collection of snowy landscape reference photos!

Landscape Demonstration with Acrylics
A five-step demonstration by Charles Harrington of how he painted a landscape with an old building in it. It aims to show how acrylics allow multiple glazes without muddying the underlying layers.

Painting Water in Oils
A step-by-step oil painting demonstration on how to use glazing, or thin layers of colour, to paint rocks under water.

How to Paint Water
A step-by-step demonstration of how to paint translucent (clear) water with reflections on it, by the artist David Adams.

How to Paint Moss
A step-by-step demonstration of how to paint realistic green moss, by the artist David Adams.

How to Create Depth in a Landscape Painting
If you're struggling to get a realistic sense of depth or distance in your landscape painting, these techniques will help.

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