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Sketchbook Page: Negative Space in a Potplant
Inside a Sketchbook
Photo © Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.

The right-hand side of this was also done in the doctor's waiting room (and 'colored in' on a later date). Its origins are in the negative space between the leaves of a huge peace lily. (The single leaf is there as a visual reminder of what kind of plant it was.)

The left-hand page is also a negative-space sketch, this time of the gaps between branches in an oak tree in the garden, done while I was enjoying sitting in the sun.

Oh, and if any eagle-eyed person spots that at the top left-hand there's a list of the "Five stages of grief", this is because of a conversation I'd had earlier the day where I couldn't remember. When I later checked on the web I wrote them down here, before the tree-space sketch existed. See what I mean by my pocket sketchbook being a journal too?

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