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Art Ideas & Creativity

Every artist has days when they feel uninspired and uncreative. Here's help on getting over creative burnout and getting your enthusiasm and creativity back.
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5 Ways to Destroy Your Artistic Creativity
It’s normal to have ups and down in your creativity, but there are also things that can sap your creativity. Stop it already!

5 Ways to Develop as an Artist
Forget about focusing on exhibitions and juried competition, get back to the spirit of painters in Paris and you'll truly develop as an artist.

How to Develop a Unique Painting from an Idea
Learn to create a unique painting from the initial idea to the finished piece, using a technique I call CSI for Art.

10 Ways to Create Art Even If You've No Talent
A tongue-in-cheek look at things you can do to create art even if you are sure you haven't an inch of artistic talent in you.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Painting
Are you your worst creative enemy? Check this list of things we do that undermine our development as artists to find out.

Art Jokes: You Must Be An Artist If...
A humorous look at the things you may do that indicate you're an artist.

Right Brain / Left Brain Quiz for Artists
Test whether your right or left side of your brain is dominant with this quiz on creativity devised specially for artists.

Art is Not About Talent
Why artistic talent is a dirty word which wrongly makes it seem art is for a select few only.

Where to Find Painting Ideas
All the technical painting skills in the world will do you no good if you haven't got ideas for paintings. Here are some options for where to find ideas for paintings, and to develop them into your own, original artworks.

Reusing and Recycling Ideas for Paintings
There isn't any rule saying reusing an idea for a painting isn't allowed, so why not paint a series or keep at it until you're satisfied? Let me explain...

How to Brainstorm Art Ideas
See how creating a mindmap, or visual diagram of your thoughts, can help you brainstorm whole bunch of art ideas and subjects you could paint.

What is Art and the Purpose of Making It?
A painter expresses his thoughts on what makes something art, whether it has a purpose, and why people make art.

5 Reasons You're Not (Yet) a Good Artist
There are certain signs that point to your not being as good as artist as you think you are.

Painting Photo Quiz
Have fun testing your knowledge of painting tools and equipment with this quiz.

How Chocolate Can be Good For Painters
While I'm too much of a chocoholic myself to suggest that painting could (or should) ever replace chocolate in your life, here a few ways to use your love for chocolate to the benefit of your painting...

7 Ways to Improve Your Painting While at Work
What can you do to benefit your painting while you're at work? Each of these tips works at stimulating the creative side of your brain and keep you thinking about painting during the day.

3 Reasons a Creative Block is Hard to Beat, but Not Impossible
You can dig yourself out of a creative hole and beat artist's block once you know why you might be in there in the first place.

12 Tips for Beating Artist's Block
Suffering from artist’s block doesn’t mean you’ve lost your artistic ability and it can be overcome. Dr. Janet Montgomery has some tips to help beat artist’s block.

Tips from Painters on Overcoming a Creative Block
Suffering from a creative drought, or artist's block, does not mean you're losing your artistic ability. These tips will help you get painting again.

3 Ways to Boost Your Artistic Creativity
Get yourself out of a slump. Start running with all your creativity cylinders firing!

Photo Gallery: Inside Artists' Studios
Take a peek inside the studios of various painters in this photo gallery of artist's studios.

Present Ideas for Artists
A collection of present ideas for the artist in your life other than paint or paper.

Pretend You Are Dancing a Painting
When you're painting, focus on the activity of painting rather than the final result, and you're more likely to end up with something you're pleased with.

Murphy's Laws on Art and Painting (and Variations)
Murphy's original law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. So what variations of it occur in art and painting? Find out here...

10 Tips for Loosening Up
If you think your paintings are too tight or controlled and you want to work more freely, try some (or all) of these 10 tips to help you loosen up your work. You'll be surprised by the results.

The Real Reason We Paint
Why do we paint and what do we get out of it? Take a read what modern-day Impressionist Jerry Fresia believes.

What to Paint When You Need To But Don't Feel Like It
Find out how you can motivate yourself to be creative.

How Do You Get Your Creative Itch Back?
Find out how you can get your creative itch back in only 15 minutes a day.

Pages From My Painting Sketchbooks
Take a look at some of the pages from my sketchbooks, used to gather information for future paintings.

30 Reasons Why I Hate to Stop Painting....
Don't you hate things that force you to stop painting?! Here is a list of 30 things that can get in the way of artistic endeavors.

10 Things I Learned About My Art
The top 10 things I've learned about my art and painting, about how I like to paint and what works or not.

I've Lost my Passion to Paint, Any Ideas?
Suggestions on what you might do if you've lost the desire or passion to paint.

Why Women Should Paint
Judi Morales Gibson of Artista Creative Safaris explains why she believes all women should paint, and what stops women from painting.

Healing Power of Art
Why you need to express your inner artist, your creativity, to release the healing power of art.

Do You Feel Guilty for Being an Artist?
Do you feel guilty for being an artist, for enjoying what you do, rather than working in a 'normal' job? You really ought not to, but you're not alone in feeling like this...

Books for Creative Inspiration and Ideas for Artists
My personal choice of the best books on creative inspiration and ideas for artists.

What's Your Art Studio Like?
What does your art studio or painting space look like? Share a photo, and peep into what other people's creative spaces.See submissions

What Rules Does Your Art Studio Have?
Share what rules you have for your art studio or painting space.

Symbols Dictionary: Love
Add hidden meanings to your paintings with these love symbols and signs.

Symbols Dictionary: Flowers and Plants
Aadd another layer of interpretation to a painting!

Symbols Dictionary: Death
A collection of the various symbols and signs associated with death and dying. A bit sombre true, but useful to know when working on more serious paintings.

Painting Show and Tells
It's time for a painting show and tell. Don't be shy, share with us!

New Year's Resolutions for Painters
New Year's Resolutions for painters (ones you''ll be able to keep!).

Free Art Quotes Calendar 2012
Be inspired to have a creative year with this free printable calendar featuring art quotes. There's also space for keeping track of how many days in a month you painted (or didn't).

How to Choose the Right Painting Holiday or Art Workshop
Tips on how to select a painting holiday or art workshop, so it's the very best choice for you.

Ask the Art Agony Aunt
Looking for an answer to a question about painting? While I don't have answers to everything, if I can help I will. See submissions

Light Painting
An explanation of how to create a light painting, that is a "painting" where you've used light at the "paint".

The 5 Most Tedious and Boring Art Tasks
Being creative through art is rewarding and enriching, but there are some unavoidable art tasks that are simply tedious.

Printable Art Journal Pages
Use this set of free printable pages to start your creativity or art journal today!

Learn a New Hobby
If you've decided it's time to take up a hobby or learn a new one, here's a list of ideas!

Learn to Fail Better as an Artist
Learn to use failure to the benefit of your creativity, and you'll grow faster as an artist.

The 10 Types of Personalities at Art Workshops
A lighthearted list of the kinds of people you'll likely encounter at an art workshop, to help you overcome the fear of attending one.

30 Painting Ideas from Idioms and Sayings
If you're wanting to do a painting a day but are stuck for ideas, here are 30 painting ideas from idioms and sayings to keep you busy for a whole month.

Oodles of Painting a Day Ideas
If you're looking for painting a day ideas and inspiration, here's a whole load of ideas that'll keep you painting day after day.

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