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How to Paint Clouds and Sky

Learn how to paint clouds and the sky with these tutorials, demos, and tips.

Painting Clouds Wet -on-Wet Using Acrylic or Oil Paints
A step-by-step demonstration of painting clouds working wet-on-wet, using acrylics or oil paints.

Paint Clouds
Information and tips that will help you learn how to paint clouds realistically.

Landscape Painting: How to Paint Clouds
Learning to paint realistic clouds is based on careful observation and collecting reference photos.

Reference Photos for Artists: Clouds
Ever changing, clouds merit a painting of their own, not being merely an element in a landscape. Use this collection of reference photos of clouds for inspiration.

Painting Tip: Really Intense Sun
A painting tip submitted by a fellow artist on how to paint a really bright sun in a landscape.

Sky Painting Tip: Stop Blue and Yellow Making Green
A painting tip submitted by a fellow artist on how to prevent blue and yellow making green when painting the sky.

Watercolor Painting Video: How to Paint Clouds
This painting video demonstrates how to paint clouds in watercolor working wet on wet.

Landscape Painting Project: Clouds
A project in which clouds dominate a painting, plus a gallery of submitted work.

Watercolour Cloud Painting Tips
Get tips on painting clouds in watercolour from Australian watercolourist John Lovett.

Cloud Painting Demonstrations
Want to know specifically how to paint cumulonimbus clouds, cumulus clouds, cap clouds, cirrus clouds, or fog? Then take a look at these demos from David Adams.

Cloudman's Gallery of Cloud Photos
Looking for photos of clouds to inspire you? There are 100s in Cloudman's galleries of cumulus, stratus, and cirrus clouds.

Cloud Gallery from the Cloud Appreciation Society
Love clouds, then you'll love the gallery of cloud photos put together by the Cloud Appreciation Society. It's a great resource for artists wanting to paint clouds.

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