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Gourd Art and Painted Gourds

Information on all aspects of gourd art, from how to grow your own gourds and drying them, to painting gourds and making gourd art.

Paint a Pumpkin
Find out what to do if you want to paint a pumpkin for Halloween rather than carve it.

How to Grow Ornamental Gourds
Thinking of growing your own gourds for painting? About.com's Gardening Guide explains how.

How to Dry or Cure Gourds You Wish to Paint
Find out how to dry a gourd that you ultimately wish to paint. It's not hard, but does take quite some time. About.com's Gardening Guide explains what to do.

How to Clean a Gourd for a Bowl
Illustrated instructions on how to cut and clean a gourd that you want to turn into a bowl. Uses mini-powertools.

Painted Gourd Dog
Instructions on how to make a dog from gourds (rated advanced by the creator).

Gourd Easter Egg Basket Project
Tutorial showing how to make a small easter-egg basket from a gourd.

How to Make a Carved Gourd Candle Holder
Tutorial showing how to make a gourd candle holder. Useful for the basic concepts as it doesn't give you a pattern for the holders featured.

Inlaid Stone on a Gourd
A tutorial showing how to lay in stone on a gourd design (may be slow to load because of all the photos).

Gourd Art: Make a Gourd Turkey
The perfect gourd art project for Thanksgiving -- a gourd turkey! Step-by-step photos take you through the project.

Gourd Enameling
A photographic step-by-step explaining what's involved in enameling a gourd.

Chip Carving on a Gourd
Chip carving requires patience rather than fancy tools, as this beginner's guide explains.

American Gourd Society
A society promoting anything and everything to do with gourds, including cultivation, history, crafts, decoration, and competitions.

How to Keep a Carved Pumpkin Fresh
Find out how to keep your carved Halloween pumpkin fresh for longer.

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