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Free Watercolor Painting Videos

Watch watercolor painters at work in this collection of short, free watercolor painting videos.

Painting Video: How to Paint a Rose in Watercolor
A video demonstration of how to paint a rose in watercolor.

Watercolor Painting Video: Australian Bush Landscape
Watch the evolution of a watercolor landscape painting of a scene from the Australian bush from start to finish, using time elapse to speed up the action.

Watercolor Painting Video: How to Paint Clouds
This painting video demonstrates how to paint clouds in watercolor working wet on wet.

Watercolor Painting Video: Los Angeles Landscape
Watch and listen to artist Danny Gregory as he paints a pen, ink, and watercolor painting of an Los Angeles landscape.

Watercolor Painting Video: How to Paint Distant Trees
This painting video shows how to paint distant trees in a landscape, using watercolor.

Watercolor Painting Video: How to Paint Winter Trees
A painting video demonstrating how to paint winter trees (or tree without hardly any leaves, mainly just bare branches) in watercolor.

Watercolor Video Demo: Kids' Book Illustration "Fireflies At Night"
Watch children's book illustrator Paige Keiser at work, painting with watercolors.

Watercolor Painting Video: Landscape at Ayers Rock in Australia
Watch a watercolor painting of the famous Ayers Rock in Australia being created, from start to finish. I particularly like the fact that you can see what the artist is doing with their brush on the palette.

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