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This is the "master list" of all the stencils I have designed, arranged by subject. Simply scroll down to find the type of stencil you're what you're after, then click through to the list. And don't forget to look on Page 2 too!

All my stencil designs are designed to be printed and cut out with a craft knife. If you're wanting to use it repeatedly, I suggest cutting it into plastic rather than cardboard, as the latter soaks up paint and may become soggy before you're finished. What type of plastic? Anything that's not too hard to cut and not too floppy. A little bit of trial and error with the things you've got at home will soon show you what will work well and what not. Alternatively, get hold of some stencil film (Buy Direct) that's made for the job. If you're new to cutting your own, be sure to read How to Cut a Stencil for tips on how to do it quickly and easily. Note: These printable stencils are free for personal, non-commercial use only.

1. Flowers

Free sunflower stencil to print
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Looking for a beautiful flower stencil, then you're in the right place! Whether it's a simple daisy or a dramatic rose, a stencil or a wheat stalk, you'll find an arrangement in amidst my flowers.

Creative Crafts Extra: Some of these designs have been turned into stitching diagrams, see Sunflower and Wheat Cross Stitch Patterns and Daisy and Rose Cross Stitch Patterns.

2. Sea & Maritime Stencils

Free seahorse stencil
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Create a nautical theme with this collection, which includes a dolphin, various fish and starfish.

3. Nature Stencils

Free sun stencil to print
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
If you're looking for a stencil of a dramatic sun or the moon, a tree or merely a leaf, you'll find it in this collection.

4. Cat Stencils

Cat stencil to print and cut out
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
My basket of kitty-theme stencils ranges from the cuddly to the fat to the fierce.

5. Dog Stencils

Free dog stencils to print
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
My assortment of dog stencils includes a juicy bone, paw prints, and a kennel if Fido's in the doghouse.

6. Animals and Insects

Free snail stencil to print and cut out
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Looking for a stencil of a sheep, owl, spider, or snail? Or what about an alpaca, butterfly, or dinosaur? I've got all of these and many more in this collection.

7. Miscellaneous Free Stencils

Free printable cheese stencil
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
An apple, a slice of cheese, human footprint, and a no-smoking sign ... that's the kind of stencil you'll find in this miscellaneous collection. (Yes, it's all the stencils that didn't easily fit into another category that end up here!)

8. Letter, Alphabet, and Word Stencils

Free printable number stencils
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Letters from A to Z in different alphabets, plus various phrases or word stencils.

9. Halloween Stencils

Free printable pumpkin stencil
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Express the spookier side of your creativity this Halloween with bats and spiders, witches and pumpkins. Ideal for on-the-day party preparations too!

10. Stencils for Pumpkins

Free pumpkin stencil to print and cutout
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Thinking of painting or carving a pumpkin for Halloween? These free printable pumpkin stencils will make the task quick and easy. Simply select the one that you wish to use, print it out, hold it against the pumpkin and trace the design. Then either grab your paints or a knife.
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