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Get creative with all sorts of stencil designs!


11. Heraldry Stencils

Photo © Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.
An array of heraldry-themed stencils, along with information on suitable colors.

12. Christmas Designs

Free snowflake stencils
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Celebrate the festive season with this collection which includes snowflakes, and what you need for a nativity scene such as sheep, cows, and the Three Wise Men.

13. Face Painting Stencils

Face painting stencils
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
These stencils are small, intended for use when face painting. Most face painters use stencils on a a cheek, but you could use one anywhere really. On someone's forehead, on both cheeks, back of a hand, inside of the wrist, on an ankle. Probably not underneath a foot unless the

14. Floor Stencils

Free printable floor stencil
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
A set of stencils for creating beautifully painted floors. Put in a corner, repeat across the entire floor; all it depends on is how large a design you want to create.

15. American Patriotic Stencils

Statue of Liberty stencil
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Get decorating for celebrating the 4th July and the spirit of the USA!

16. Thanksgiving Stencils

Free turkey stencil for Thanksgiving
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Add to the festive holiday feeling by cutting out and decorating using my Thanksgiving stencils. Or use them for coloring-in sheets to keep young family members busy.

17. Valentine's Day Stencils

Printable free heart stencil
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Stencils for love, whether for Valentine's Day or some other special romantic occasion.

18. Easter Stencils

Free rabbit stencil
Stencil © Marion Boddy-Evans
Hop to it and be creative at Easter with this collection of free Easter-themed stencils to print and cut out, including various eggs and bunnies.

19. African Stencils

African stencils
Stencil © Alistair Boddy-Evans
Add a touch of history or symbolism with these African-themed stencils from different cultures across the continent.
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