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Free Printable Stencils

This ever-growing collection of free printable stencils includes flowers, animals, insects, nature, the sea, nature, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and letter stencils. New free stencils are added regularly. (Note: these stencils are free for personal, non-commercial use only.)
  1. African Stencils

List of All Free Stencils Arranged by Subject
All of the stencils in my free collection are designed to be easy to cut out. Have fun!

Cat Stencils
Meeow! A collection of free stencils for cat lovers.

Dog Stencils
Woof, woof! Here's a collection of free stencils for dog lovers.

Animals and Insects Stencils
Not only bugs and creepy-crawlies, but free stencils of cuddly animals too!

Free Stencils: Alphabets, Letters, Numbers, Words, Phrases
An assortment of free printable stencils of numbers, letters, alphabets, various words and phrases.

Flower Stencils
Have some creative fun with my collection of flower stencils, which you're free to use for your personal craft projects. Great for fabric painting!

Sea Stencils
If you're after stencils with a sea or maritime theme, this is the place to look.

Nature Stencils
Have some creative fun with my collection of free nature stencils, each designed to be easy to cut out and use.

Miscellaneous Stencils
A mixed bag of free stencils that didn't fit into any of the other categories.

Christmas Stencils
All these free Christmas stencils were designed exclusively for About.com. Some are simpler and faster to cut out, others will take a little more time.

Free Stencils Collection: Easter
A set of stencils design for Easter, including Easter eggs and an Easter bunny.

Thanksgiving Stencils
Decorate your home easily this Thanksgiving with these free stencils.

Free Halloween Stencils Set #1
A set of stencils designed specifically for Halloween to add fun to this time of year.

Free Halloween Stencils Set #2
Another set of free stencils designed for Halloween, just waiting for you to print them out.

Free Pumpkin Stencils to Print and Cut Out
These free pumpkin stencils for Halloween were designed exclusively for About.com.

American Patriotic Stencils
Celebrate July the 4th with these free printable stencils of various iconic American symbols, including the Statue of Liberty, Abraham Lincoln, and the American flag.

Free Valentine's Day Stencils
Show your love on Valentine's Day with these free printable stencils, including a pair of luscious kissable lips!

Free Celtic Design Stencil
A free Celtic design stencil to print and cut out. Yup, just the one (so far).

Face Painting Stencils
A collection of free, small printable stencils designed to fit onto a cheek or forehead when face painting.

Free Floor Stencils
All the designs in this collection of free printable floor stencils are suitable for using on floors and floor cloths.

Free Stencils Collection: Halloween
A collection of the free Halloween stencils I've designed. Simply print and cut out ready for some creative decorating this holiday.

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