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Famous Artists Birthdays in July

A list of famous artists with a July birthday.


21 July:

22 July:

  • Edward Hopper 1882 (American, Realism)
  • Alexander Calder 1898 (American, Abstract). Invented the mobile (a form of kinetic sculpture).

23 July:

  • Philipp Otto Runge 1777 (German, Romantic, color theorist)
  • Virgil Finlay 1914 (American, illustrator specializing in science fiction, horror, and fantasy)

24 July:

  • Alphonse Mucha 1860 (Czech, Art Nouveau and decorative painter)

25 July:

  • Thomas Eakins 1884 (American, Realism)

26 July:

27 July:

28 July:

  • Marcel Duchamp 1887 (French/American, Surrealism, Dada)
  • Berix Potter 1866 (English, Illustrator). Famous for her watercolor illustrations in her children's books, particularly of Peter Rabbit.

29 July:

  • Eastman Johnson 1824 (American, Genre paintings, portraits). Co-Founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

30 July:

31 July:

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