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Hare by Albrecht Dürer

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Rabbit or hare by Durer

Albrecht Dürer, Hare, 1502. Watercolour and gouache, brush, heightened with white gouache. © Albertina, Vienna

Photo © Albertina Museum
Commonly referred to as Dürer's rabbit, the official title of this painting calls it a hare. The painting is in the permanent collection of the Batliner Collection of the Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria.

It was painted using watercolor and gouache, with the white highlights done in gouache (rather than being the unpainted white of the paper).

It's a spectacular example of how fur can be painted. To emulate it, the approach you'd take depends on how much patience you've got. If you've oodles, you'd paint using a thin brush, one hair at a time. Otherwise use a dry brush technique or split the hairs on a brush. Patience and endurance are essential. Work too quickly onto wet paint and the individual strokes risk blending together. Don't continue for long enough and the fur will seem threadbare.
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