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Barack Obama Painting by Shepard Fairey

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Barack Obama painting by Shepard Fairey

"Barack Obama" by Shepard Fairey (2008). Stencil, collage, and acrylic on paper. 60x44 inches.National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC. Gift of the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection in honor of Mary K Podesta.

© Shepard Fairey/ObeyGiant.com
This painting of US politican Barack Obama, mixed-media stenciled collage, was created by Los Angeles-based street artist, Shepard Fairey. It was the central portrait image used in Obama's 2008 presidential election campaign, and distributed as a limited-edition print and free download. It is now in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC.

"To create his Obama poster (which he did in less than a week), Fairey grabbed a news photograph of the candidate off the Internet. He sought an Obama that looked presidential. ... The artist then simplified the lines and geometry, employing a red, white and blue patriotic palette (which he plays with by making the white a beige and the blue a pastel shade)... boldface words...

"His Obama posters (and lots of his commercial and fine art work) are reworkings of the techniques of revolutionary propagandists -- the bright colors, bold lettering, geometric simplicity, heroic poses."

-- "Obama's On-the-Wall Endorsement" by William Booth, Washington Post 18 May 2008.
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