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Painting Exhibition: Vincent van Gogh and Expressionism

The Impact Van Gogh had on German and Austrian Expressionist painters.


Van Gogh's influence is evident in many Expressionist works as painters emulated his use of pure, bright colors, his emphatic brushwork, and his contrasting color combinations in their own paintings. Museum directors and private collectors in both Germany and Austria were among the first to start buying Van Gogh's paintings and by 1914 there were more than 160 of his works in German and Austrian collections. Traveling exhibitions helped to expose a generation of young artists to Van Gogh's expressive works.

Get an understanding for the impact Vincent van Gogh had on German and Austrian Expressionist painters with this photo gallery of paintings from the Van Gogh and Expressionism Exhibition held at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (24 November 2006 to 4 March 2007) and the Neue Galerie in New York (23 March to 2 July 2007). By showing works by Van Gogh side by side with works by young Expressionist painters, this exhibition reveals the full extent of his influence on other painters.
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Vincent van Gogh painting, Self-portrait with a straw hat and artist's smock, 1887.Vincent van Gogh: Self-Portrait With a Straw Hat and Artist's SmockDetail of Van Gogh Self Portrait with Straw HatDetail from Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait With a Straw Hat and Artist's SmockOskar Kokoschka, Hirsch as an old man, 1907.Oskar Kokoschka: Hirsch as an Old ManKarl Schmidt-Rottluff, Self-portrait, 1906.Karl Schmidt-Rottluff: Self-Portrait
Expressionist painter Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Detail from Karl Schmidt-Rottluff's Self-PortraitErich Heckel, Seated Man, 1909Erich Heckel: Seated ManEgon Schiele, Self-portrait, 1910.Egon Schiele: Self-Portrait With Arm Twisting Above HeadEmil Nolde, White tree trunks, 1908. Emil Nolde: White Tree Trunks
Detail from Emil Nolde's White Tree TrunksVincent van Gogh, The road menders, 1889.Vincent van Gogh: The Road MendersOrchard painting by Gustav KlimtGustav Klimt: OrchardErnst Ludwig Kirchner, Nollendorf square, 1912Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Nollendorf Square
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