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Face and Body Painting

All my articles on the techniques involved in face painting, plus step-by-step demos and instructions.
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Face Painting Halloween
Halloween is the perfect reason for dressing up and face painting the perfect way to complete your costume. Here are tips and videos to help you with your face painting, as well as information on face painting supplies.

10 Tips for Face Painting
If you're after tips for face painting to make the experience easier and faster, here's my list of the top 10 things to do.

Face Painting Video: Clown
A video demonstration showing how to paint a colorful clown's face.

Face Painting Video: Tiger
Learn how to paint a tiger face step by step in this face painting video.

Face Painting Video: Skull Face
A video demonstration showing how to paint a skull face, suitable for Halloween.

Top 10 Safety Tips for Face Painting
Professional face painter Cindy Trusty shares her top safety tips for face painting, gleened from years of experience.

Practise Faces for Face Painting
Print out these face outlines to practise your various face painting designs on – they have the advantage that they won't move while you're working!

Face Painting Designs: Basic Clown Face
A basic clown face is an easy design to paint, ideal if you're new to face painting, and easy to adapt if you're painting at a party.

Face Painting Designs: Basic Butterfly
Illustrated instructions on how to create a basic butterfly design with face paints.

Snazaroo Special Effects Face Paint Kit
The Snazaroo special effects face paint kit would be perfect for painting gruesome Halloween faces as it comes with sculpting wax and fake blood. Find out more in this review of the kit.

Halloween Face Painting DVDs by Sharon Neilson
A review of two DVDs in which professional face painter Sharon Neilson shows how to paint full-face designs for Halloween.

How to Make Fake Blood
A 'recipe' for making non-toxic, realistic stage blood using corn syrup, peanut butter, and food coloring from About's Chemistry Guide Anne Marie Helmenstine.

Sit Still!Face Painting: Sit Still!
Tips on how to get kids to sit still while face painting.

Becoming a Professional Face Painter
If you're thinking of making face painting a business, read this list of tips and things to consider.

The Face Painting 10 Commandments from Snazaroo
Tips for making your face painting easier and essential things to remember, from Snazaroo face paint manufacturers.

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