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Fabric Painting and Batik

Whether you've just started fabric painting or are into more advanced techniques such as screen painting or batik, you'll find all my articles and tips here.

Fabric Painting: What You Need to Start
Whether it's decorating a t-shirt, cushion cover, table cloth, or bag, or maybe painting a piece of cloth for a craft or sewing project, here's the list of essential supplies to get you started.

10 Tips for Getting Started with Fabric Paints
With a few colors and a suitable brush, fabric painting opens up endless opportunities for transforming your wardrobe and your home. Here are some tips to help.

How Do I Heat Set Fabric Paint with an Iron?
How do you heat set fabric paint with an iron? Find out here...

Turn Your Acrylics Into Fabric Paint
Did you know there's an acrylic medium that turns any acrylic paint into a fabric paint which can be brushed, airbrushed, or screen-printed onto fabric? It leaves the fabric soft and, if heat set, can be washed as normal.

Fabric Stamping or Printing: Alternative to Painting
Fabric stamping is a quick and easy way to get fabulous results when fabric painting.

Painting with Fabric Markers
Fabric painting with a marker pen rather than brush and paint is particularly useful when it comes to painting thin lines. (And there's no brush to clean afterwards!) But that's hardly the only thing you can do with a fabric marker.

Fabric Painting Demo Using Inktense Pencils
A step-by-step fabric painting demo of a tree using Inktense watersoluble ink pencils and fabric painting medium.

Use Paint the Change the Color of a Fabric Print
A fabric painting tip on using paint to change the color of an existing fabric print.

Best Fabric Painting Books
A list of my favorite books on fabric painting, all inspiring and useful for improving techniques.

Drip Fabric Painting a Rug
Use fabric paint to transform a carpet using a Jackson Pollock drip painting technique.

Is There a Medium for Acrylic Paints that Makes it Suitable for Silk Painting?
Is there a medium that you can add to acrylic paint to make it suitable for silk painting? Find out here...

What's the Difference Between Watercolor Paints for Paper and Fabric?
There's an important difference between watercolor paints designed for using on fabric and on paper. Don't ruin a fabric painting project by using the wrong type of watercolor paint.

Does Vinegar Turn Acrylic Paint into Fabric Paint?
Find out whether it's true or not that you can make fabric paint from acrylic paint by adding vinegar, from a paint specialist.

Use Hairspray on a Stencil When Fabric Painting
A tip on how to prevent paint from getting under a stencil when painting on fabric.

Artist's Copyright FAQ: Copying a Fabric Design
Is it okay to copy a fabric design or to paint your own version thereof, or are fabric designs copyrighted? Find out in the Artist's Copyright FAQ.

Video: How to Paint With Fabric Paint

Review: Simply Spray Fabric Paint
If you like fabric painting but can't stand heat setting the paint, then you'll be interested to know that Simply Spray fabric paint doesn't require heat setting.

Book Review: Complex Cloth - A Guide to Surface Design
A review of a book that explains a variety of fabric-painting techniques, including stencilling, stamping, painting, bleach discharge, and photocopy transfers.

Book Review: Skydyes - A Visual Guide to Fabric Painting
A review of a book by Mickey Lawler, who is renowned for her hand-painted fabrics, that demonstrates how to create your own sky, sea, and earth fabrics using loose, 'watercolor' fabric-painting techniques.

Hand Marbling: How to Marble Fabric
Hand marbling is a method for painting fabric (or paper) that involves floating paints on a solution, manipulating these into patterns, then transferring them onto fabric (or paper).About’s Quilting Guide has written a great step-by-step hand marbling tutorial explaining the process from beginning to finish.

How to Tie Dye
Basic instructions on tie-dying, from About's Family Crafts Guide. Includes links to a list of essential supplies and specific folds to achieve various designs.

How to Screen Print
An illustrated step-by-step explaining how to do simple screen printing, using an embroidery hoop and basic "ingredients" rather than expensive equipment.

Spray Painting a Design onto a T-Shirt
How to spray-paint designs onto a T-shirt (or anything, really), using a stencil.

How to Dye Clothes with Coffee
Deliberately spill coffee on your clothes!

How to Cold Water Dye Cloth
Create a background color on a piece of fabric you wish to paint by cold water dyeing first. (From About.com's DIY Fashion.)

Review: Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paint
A review of Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paint from About.com's Guide to Miniatures.

Bubble Prints
Use fabric paint with this painting technique to create some fun bubble-print fabric.

Batik with Soy Wax
Learn how to do batik with soy wax, which has the advantage of washing out with detergent. (From About.com's DIY Fashion.)

Batik with Traditional Wax
Learn how to do batik with the traditional batik waxes, beeswax or paraffin wax. (From About.com's DIY Fashion.)

Creating a Floorcloth
An information sheet from Golden on creating a floorcloth, from materials needed to preparation to edge finishing.

Silk Painting Decorative Effects
Great photos of the results of silk painting experiments using cotton wool, lace, rope, muslin, and other materials.

Silk Painting Techniques
A collection of tips and techniques for silk painting from The Guild of Silk Painters.

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