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How to Make Your Own Encaustic Paints


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What is Damar Resin?
How to make encaustic paint
Photo © Libby Lynn. Used with permission.

Damar resin is a natural resin from a tree. It seeps out of the tree from a cut, similar to how maple syrup is harvested from maple trees. It dries in large lumps or crystals. You melt these and mix them with beeswax for encaustic paints.

Damar resin is mixed with beeswax to harden it and raise its melting temperature. It also keeps the paint translucent and prevents blooming (whitening). It can also be polished to a glossy shine.

How much damar resin you mix with the beeswax is a matter of personal preference. Typically it's between four and eight measures of beeswax to one measure of damar resin, depending on how hard you want the final result to be.

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