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How to Paint a Faux Stained Glass Christmas Ornament


Faux stained glass painting Christmas ornament

It's simple to paint a faux stained glass Christmas ornament.

Image © Jan Easters Cumber
Painting a faux stained glass Christmas ornament is really easy. All you need are a few basic glass-painting supplies and a printout of the free Christmas ornament pattern, and you're set to start.

In short, what you do is trace the outline of the design, paint in the colors, leave it to dry, then peel it off and stick it onto the blank glass ball. The result: a beautiful, painted Christmas ornament.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Allow for painting time and drying time

Here's How:

  1. The paints used in this project, Gallery Glass® Window Color™, are special faux stained glass paints. They can be found in large art supply stores.

    Start by printing out the free Holly and Ribbon Christmas pattern. Place it under the Leading Blank (a transparent surface that the paint won't stick to permanently), then use Liquid Lead along the lines of the pattern. Allow to dry. (If you've never used Liquid Lead before, read these instructions before starting.)
  2. When the Liquid Lead outline has dried, paint the design using the Window Color paint. Either follow the color key on the pattern or create your own. Allow to dry thoroughly (until the paint becomes transparent).
  3. When the painted design is dry, carefully peel it from the Leading Blank and apply to the glass Christmas ornament (see photo). If you want the design to circle a 6” glass ball ornament, you'll need to paint two designs.


  1. This Christmas faux stained glass design is ideal for various holiday projects. Use it on a candle for a festive centerpiece, or add it to a glass vase or candle holder. Create several and place them around a mirror.

What You Need

  • 6” glass ball ornament (found at craft stores, usually in sets of four)
  • Gallery Glass® Leading Blank (Item #16051 in my online store)
  • Gallery Glass® Liquid Lead (#16076)
  • Gallery Glass® Window Color™ Paint 2oz bottle Blue Diamond (#16011)
  • Gallery Glass® Window Color™ Paint 2oz bottle Kelly Green (#16008)
  • Gallery Glass® Window Color™ Paint 2oz bottle Ruby Red (#16015)
  • Gallery Glass Tool Set (#16225)

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