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Decorative Painting and Art

Helpful tips, essential techniques, and step-by-step demonstrations on decorative painting for artists of all levels of expertise.

Decorative Painting Photo Album
Be inspired to get creating yourself with these photos of decorative painting projects submitted by About.com Painting readers.

How to Load a Flat Brush with a Single Color
How to get a color of paint onto a brush for a decorative painting project without overloading it or having too little.

Decorative Painting Techniques: Load a Flat Brush with Two Colors
Learn how to load or put two colors of paint onto a brush for a decorative painting project.

What Colors Should You Use for Painting an Eggplant or Red Onion?
Find out what colors you need to mix when painting an eggplant or red onion.

Paint a Faux Stained Glass Christmas Ornament
Step-by-Step instructions on how to paint a faux stained glass Christmas ornament, complete with free pattern to print.

Painted Faux Stained Glass Project: Cardinal and Magnolia
Follow the step-by-step instructions to paint a faux stained glass design of a cardinal and magnolia. Includes a printable pattern.

How to Prepare Slippery Surfaces for Decorative Painting
Practical tips on how to paint successfully on slippery or smooth surfaces, such as glass.

How to Price Your Decorative Painting Work
If you're wondering how to set a price for decorative painting work you intend to sell, these tips may be helpful.

How to Paint Basic Highlights and Shadows
Find out what is meant by highlights and shadows in decorative painting, and learn how to paint these successfully.

How to Preserve Leaves for Painting
Use this tip for preserving leaves before painting on them, so they last longer.

Step-by-Step Faux Effects
Clear instructions on how to get a whole range of faux effects, including Venetian plaster, marble, crackle, elephant hide, marble, malachite, and oak grain.

An illustrated example of gilding, turning an ordinary stone into a piece of 'gold'.

Fresco Painting
A summary (unfortunately not illustrated) of the main steps in painting a fresco, starting with giving the section of plaster some time to set.

Make Your Own Stamps
An illustrated explanation of how to cut a simple stamp from an eraser plus some suggestions on using basic stamps.

Decorative Painting Recipes from Golden Paints
This collection of decorative painting recipes from Golden Paints includes an array of techniques and effects.

Tole Painting: Basic Brushstrokes Explained
A look at the various basic brushstrokes used in tole painting.

Tole Painting: How to Paint a Rose
Instructions on how to paint a two-color, tole rose.

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