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Selling Your Paintings

In order to be a successful painter you need to work at it, as you would for any other career. Here you'll find information on selling your paintings, career development, and more.
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  2. Copyright for Artists FAQ (32)
  3. Planning an Art Exhibition (10)
  4. How to Frame Paintings (10)
  5. Signing Artwork (12)

7 Ways to Price a Painting
Getting a painting to the stage where you’re satisfied with it is hard enough, but deciding what price to put on it can be even harder! This is what I think the options are.

How to Create a Body of Work and Distinctive Style as an Artist
Artist Martha Marshall has an exercise that's ideal for creating a body of work.

How to Write an Artist's Statement
Confused about what to put in your artist's statement? These tips will help you write one that's meaningful and personal. (And sensible!)

Titles of Paintings
Are there any rules about what title should you give a painting? Canadian Artist Robert Genn gives his thoughts on titles of paintings.

Artists Signatures: See How Artists Sign Their Paintings (And…
What does the artists signature on your paintings look like? See other artists signatures and share what you do here.

How Many Paintings Do You Need to Approach a Gallery?
How many paintings to you need to have completed before you can approach a gallery to sell them? Find out in this Painting FAQ.

Choosing Art as a Career
Is being an artist a realistic and achievable career? Can anyone really make it as a fine artist, and what other options are available? The short answer is "yes".

How Can I Get Better Colors in the Photographs of my Paintings?
If you're struggling to get realistic or accurate colors in the photographs of your paintings, these tips may help.

The Ten Commandments of Art Pricing
Want to start selling your art but not sure about how to price your artwork? Start with these 10 commandments on art pricing from Robert Genn.

Art Can Be Taught
Find out why art is something that can taught (and ought to be). S'truth!

What are Art Competition Jurors Looking For?
Helpful tips on how to you get your paintings into juried art competitions.

Amateur vs Professional Artist
What marks someone as an amateur artist rather than a professional? Here's a list of indicators (so check you're not still doing them if you want to be taken seriously!).

Juried Art Show
What a juried art show is like from a judge's point of view.

Selling Paintings: Which Subjects Sell Best?
If you want to sell lots of paintings, what subjects should you be painting? Here's the result of a survey.

Printing Cards from Your Art
Find out how to get greetings cards or postcards printed from your paintings and artwork.

Assess Your Strengths as a Painter and the Progress in Your Art Career
Set aside the time at least once a year to take a critical look at your paintings, and to assess the progress you have made in your art career, and future goals.

When Can You Call Yourself an Artist?
What makes someone ‘officially’ an artist and not merely a dabbler in paints?

Should You Quit Your Job and Go to Art School?
Is it worthwhile attending art school or not? Will you benefit from attending art school full time, or can you learn just as much by yourself and through short courses?

Meet Artist and Art Author Rhéni Tauchid
An interview with author and artist Rhéni Tauchid, on publication of her second book on painting with acrylics, which will no doubt also be a bestseller.

Art FAQ: What Is an Artist-in-Residence?
What does it mean to be an artist-in-residence, and is it something a professional artist should aspire to?

Selling Paintings: Do Large or Small Paintings Sell More?
Artists share their opinions on whether the size is a significant factor in selling paintings, or not.

How To Design a Web Site for Your Art Yourself
Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own web site? If only you could afford a web designer. If only you were a computer genius.... Just three months after Steve Roberts and Lynda his artist wife were thinking these very same thoughts, they had a web site up and running. Find out how...

How to Set a Price For a Painting
Setting a price for a painting is hard. If you overprice your work, you may not sell anything but, conversely, if you underprice it you may not recoup your costs or get taken seriously.

Making Giclee or Art Prints of Your Paintings
Is it worth creating art or Giclee prints of your work and what does it involve? Artist Denise Macgregor shares her experiences.

How do I sell a Painting by a Famous Artist?
How do you sell a painting by a famous artist without getting ripped off? Find out here.

Who is the Artist Who Signed This Painting?
How do you find out who the signature on a painting you have belongs to? Here are my thoughts.

BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London
Details of the annual BP Portrait Award painting competition held at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Color Schemes in Art
While matching thes sofa is the stereotype, the colors people like and want do need to be considered if you want to sell your art.

Artist's Resale Rights in Europe: Don't Miss Out on Money You're Entitled To
Did you know artists have been entitled to a royalty when a painting of theirs is sold, if certain criteria are met? Find out more about Artists Resale Rights here.

How to Take Photos of Your Paintings
Tips and suggestions on how to take decent photos of your paintings to submit to a competition or to a gallery.

Review Your Art Course or Art School
Have you done an art course you'd recommend? Share your experiences here, and read what other students have thought about courses. See submissions

Self-Representing Artist -- Should You Sell in a Gallery or Be a...
Is it better to strive for success as a self-representing artist or try to get gallery representation? Share your thoughts and opinions here.

Advice for Artists Looking for a Gallery from a NY Gallery Owner
New York art gallery owner Edward Winkleman has an excellent series of articles giving advice on how to get gallery representation.

How to Take Digital Photos of Your Paintings
Can't afford to get a professional photographer to take photos of your paintings? Then read these tips on taking digital photos and try it yourself.

Good Habits for Artists
Once you've read this article on the "habits of successful artists", take a browse through the links near the top of the page for related features. Good stuff from the New York Foundation for the Arts!

Art Conservation: Looking after Paintings
Tips on ensuring that a painting stays in good shape, from the Canadian Conservation Institute, including tips on handling a painting, storage, display, backing board, and framing.

How Did You Become an Artist?
Share the story of how you became an artist, what path you took and what obstacles you've overcome.See submissions

What Makes a Painting Good or Bad?
Asking the question "What makes painting a good work of art?" soon makes you realise there isn't a simple answer.

Where to Sell Your Art
A look at the options available to artists wanting to sell their work, with the pros and cons of each.

Should You Discount the Price of a Painting Depending on the Gallery Commission?
Given the percentage commission galleries takes varies, should you give a discount on the price of your paintings according to the venue you're selling in or not? Here's what I think.

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