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Art Glossary: Remodernism



Remodernism is an art movement established in 2000 as an alternative to "replace Postmodernism with spiritual values"1. To get back to the true spirit of 20th century Modern Art, to produce art with spiritual value regardless of style, subject matter, or medium.

The aims are set out in the Remodernist Manifesto, including:
"Remodernism upholds the spiritual vision of the founding fathers of Modernism and respects their bravery and integrity in facing and depicting the travails of the human soul through a new art that was no longer subservient to a religious or political dogma and which sought to give voice to the gamut of the human psyche."2

Remodernism defines itself "by the artists’ intentions, rather than by any formal qualities of the artwork... Remodernists do not think that Modern Art is rubbish, and we do believe that one of the legitimate goals of an artist can be the sincere expression of an authentic personal spirituality. Spirituality does not equal religion. Religion is about beliefs and following rules. Spirituality is about the search for truth."3 Remodernism is "a way of thinking about art, and the purpose of art, rather than a specific way of making art."4

The Remodernist movement aims to "be more accessible for people and to give back to artists the right to express themselves and to communicate with their viewers on a person to person level."5

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