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Paint Pigments: Lemon Yellow (PY 3)

A profile of lemon yellow paint pigment.


Paint Pigments -- Lemon Yellow PY3

Paint Pigment: Lemon Yellow PY3

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Characteristics: Lemon yellow is a bright, transparent yellow that's fairly cool and leans towards green.

Common Names: Hansa yellow light, arylide yellow, azo yellow, brilliant yellow.

Color Index Name: PY 3
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Color Index Number: 11770.

Pigment Origin: Organic.

Used for Painting Since: 1900s.

Opacity/Transparency: Transparent.
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Tinting Ability: Weak.
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Lightfastness Rating: ASTM II. (Tendency to fade when very diluted.)
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Oil Paint Drying Speed: Slow.

Specific Notes:

  • A useful color for mixing with blues to create greens, and with reds to create oranges.
  • Sometimes used as a cheap substitute for cadmium yellow.

Quotes About This Pigment:
"Bright lemon yellow hurts the eye after a short time, as a high note on the trumpet hurts the ear. The eye becomes disturbed, cannot bear it any longer, and seeks depth and repose in blue or green." -- Wassily Kandinsky in Concerning the Spiritual in Art.

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