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Art Glossary: Fluid Acrylics


Photo of fluid and tube acrylics

That fluid acrylic is runnier than tube paint is evident in this photo, which shows a small puddle of white fluid paint on a paper palette amongst paint squeezed from tubes. Fluid acrylic comes in a bottle, so it's easy to pour only a little.

Photo ©2011 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Fluid acrylics are a type of acrylic paint that, as the name suggests, are more liquid (fluid) or runny than 'normal' acrylic paints, with the same intensity of color. (To use more technical language, fluid acrylics are formulated to have a low viscosity without sacrificing pigment loading.)

Fluid acrylics are perfect for painting techniques that involve pouring (see example) or dripping paint, or for watercolor-type wet-on-wet or staining effects. While you can dilute normal acrylic paint with water or medium to the same consistency as fluid acrylics, you do tend to loose some color intensity.

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