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Setting Up a Art Studio at Home

Information and tips on how to set up an art studio at home, whether you've got a corner of a room or a dedicated space to use a studio.

Before You Buy A Painting Easel
There's nothing to beat an easel for keeping a painting in place while you're working on it. Here are some tips on choosing the one that's right for you.

Lighting on Your Paintings
Find out how painting under artificial lighting changes the colors on your canvas.

Still Life Setup in a Cupboard
If you've limited space, using a cupboard to set up a still life for painting might be the solution.

Photo Gallery: Inside Artists' Studios
Take a look at how painters organize their studios, from small to large.

How to Build Your Own Floor-Standing Artist's Easel
Detailed instructions on how to build your own floor-standing easel for painting.

Venturing into My Art Studio after Hurricane Katrina
Artist Cindy Kokemor-Aucoin describes the surprises she found when she ventured into her art studio after Hurricane Katrina had struck in August 2005.

The Light on Your Canvas
How to light your canvas when painting indoors and out-of-doors, under sunlight, 'normal' light, and artificial light.

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