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Acrylic Painting FAQ

Find the answers to commonly asked questions and problems about painting with acrylics in this Acrylic Painting Problem Solver.

Acrylic Paint Problems
Sometimes it's nothing you're doing wrong but the paint that's the issue, so I've put together a list of acrylic paint problems you might encounter.

Q: Can I Mix Different Brands of Acrylic Paint?
Is it okay to mix different brands of acrylic paints? Here's the answer from someone in Golden Artist Color's Technical Support team.

Q: How Much Water and/or Medium Can I Add to Acrylic Paints?
How far can you dilute acrylic paint before it looses its adhesive properties? Find out in this Acrylic Painting Problem Solver.

Q: Is Water or Medium Better for Glazing with Acrylics?
Is water or medium better for glazing with acrylics? Find out in the Acrylic Painting Problem Solver.

Q: How Fast Does Acrylic Paint Dry Once It's Out of the Tube?
How quickly does acrylic paint dry once you've squeezed it out a tube? Find out in the Acrylic Painting Problem Solver.

Q: Is it Okay to Use House Paint For Art?
Will you be saving yourself money by using house paint rather than artist's quality paint for your art, or will be end disastrously?

Q: How Many Brushes Should I Use?
Find the answer to the question of how many brushes you should use when painting with acrylics.

Q: What Do I Clean My Brushes With?
What should you be using to clean the brushes you use for painting with acrylics? Is soap and water really enough? Or will you find your brushes going hard?

Q: How Do I Seal a Drawing on My Canvas Before I Start Painting?
Some options for drawing on a canvas before you start painting.

Q: How Thick Should the Paint Be?
If you're painting with acrylics, how thick should you be using the paint?

Q: What Can I Add to Acrylic Paint to Thicken It Up?
If you're finding the acrylic paint you're using too thin, what can you do about it?

Q: Is It Okay To Create Texture in Acrylic Paint?
Is it okay to have texture showing in acrylic paint, or should you smooth it out in a painting?

Q: How Do I Apply Modeling Paste to Create Texture?
Tips on how to use modeling paste to create texture in a painting.

What Can I Use to Create A Thick Gloss Varnish Layer on an A…
What to use to create a thick gloss varnish layer on an acrylic painting, if you're not using epoxy resin.

Q: What Was Used to Get the Paint Standing Out from the Canvas?
How to get texture in an acrylic painting, to get paint to stand up in ridges and sculpt into it with a knife.

Q: Can I Use Pre-Stretched Canvas Straight Away?
If you buy a pre-stretched canvas, do you need to do anything to it, or can you use it straight away?

Q: Is it Okay to Paint with Acrylics on Raw Canvas?
Is it okay to paint with acrylics on raw canvas, or is it going to cause problems later on, such as the canvas rotting? Find the answer in my Acrylics FAQ.

Q: Can I Paint on Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?
Is it okay to paint on watercolor paper with acrylics? Do you need to gesso it first?

Q: How Do I Paint Areas of Flat Color Without Streaks?
If you're struggling to get areas of flat color without the paint creating streaks, here are some tips.

Q: What Acrylic Paint is Best for Outdoors in a Hot Climate?
What acrylic paint is best for a painting that's going to be hunt outdoors in a hot climate?

Q: Will Acrylic Paints be Harmed by Freezing Temperatures?
Will acrylic paints survive freezing temperatures, or is the paint damaged by extreme cold? Find out here.

Q: Will Acrylic Paint Survive Being in Checked Baggage on a Plane?
Will a tube of acrylic paint travel okay in baggage you check when you fly, or will it leak out?

Q: Does Glycerin Work as an Retarder or Extender for Acrylic Paints?
Does glycerin work as a retarder or extender for acrylic paints, or are there issues with longevity of the paint? Find out in this acrylic painting problem solver.

Q: Do I Need to Varnish an Acrylic Painting?
Do you need to varnish an acrylic painting when it's finished, or it it okay to leave it as it is?

Q: Why Did Varnishing Atelier Interactive Acrylic Smudge the Color?
Why would varnishing a painting created with Atelier Interactive Acrylic cause the color to smudge? Find out what was went wrong here.

Q: Which is Better: Oils or Acrylics?
Can't decide whether you'd be better off using oil paints or acrylics? Here are some arguments for and against both.

Answers to Glazing Problems
If you're having trouble with streaking or brushmarks in your glazes, find the answers to your problems here.

Q: Can I Mix Brands of Paint?
Is it okay to mix various brands of paint, or should you stick to one exclusively?

How to Hide Painting Mistakes in an Acrylic or Oil Painting
Find out how to hide painting mistakes when using acrylics.

Cleaning Sea Sand to Use in a Painting
Find out why it's advisable to clean sea sand before using in a painting, and how to do it successfully.

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