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Acrylic Painting Techniques

Easy-to-understand tutorials that explain various techniques used in acrylic painting, each illustrated with photos.

Acrylic Painting Techniques: Pouring Paint
Instead of using a brush or knife to apply painting, this painting technique involves pouring it onto and cross a canvas.

Create a Painting by Pouring the Paint
Learn how to create a painting by pouring the paint onto a canvas or sheet of paper rather than applying it with a brush. It gives a very different, effective result!

Scumbling Painting Technique
Learn what scumbling is and how to do this painting technique yourself.

Mark Making Techniques: Spraying Water onto Acrylic Paint
Exploring different ways of mark making in acrylic paint, this technique involves spraying water onto the paint to spread it in a slightly uncontrolled style.

How to Use Masking Tape in a Painting
Learn how to use masking tape to protect areas of a composition when painting rather than trying to paint around an area.

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