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Abstract Art

An introduction to abstract art, starting with exactly what it is, how the style developed, and how to create your own that aren't mere daubs of paint on canvas.

Why You Need to Understand Modern Art (with a few tips on how!)
Getting your head around modern art is crucial if you want to grow as an painter.

How to Interpret Abstract Art
A list of the important things to consider when looking at, trying to interpret, or painting a piece of abstract art.

What Exactly is Abstract Art?
An introduction to abstract art, starting with exactly what it is and isn't, and how it developed.

How to Create a Color-Field Abstract Painting
A color-field abstract is one where you've large areas of color with subtle changes. This step-by-step explains how to create your own.

How to Paint Abstracts from a Photo
See how using a realistic reference photo can be a great source of inspiration an abstract painting.

Abstract Art Painting Ideas
If you're looking for abstract art inspiration, this collection of photos along with explanations of ideas to develop from them, will help.

Painting Without a Road Map
If you want to create abstract art by 'going with the flow' when you're painting, without knowing where you're going to end up when you start out, you're effectively painting without a road map. It can lead to unexpected places!

If You Have the Skills to Paint, Why Create Abstract Art?
Abstract art is about more than mere technical skill.

Abstract Art: Which Way is Up?
How do you know which way to hang a piece of abstract art, and does it matter if it's upside down?

Step by Step Demo: "Heat"
Follow the creation of an abstracted landscape painting called "Heat" in reds, oranges, and yellows, from start to finish in this step-by-step demonstration.

Creative Thoughts when Painting an Abstract
Artist Karen Day-Vath shares her creative processes and thoughts step by step as she paints an abstract painting entitled "Abstract Ties".

Using Nature as a Source for Inspiration for Abstract Art
Learn how to spot the potential and possibilities for abstract paintings in nature, and how to turn this into spectacular paintings.

Abstract Landscape Painting: Developing an Idea
Developing an idea from a landscape that appeals to you.

Art Quotes from Kandinsky
A collection of quotes from the artist credited as having painted the first true abstract watercolour.

Art Quotes from Jackson Pollock
A collection of quotes from the American Abstract Expressionist painter best known for his 'drip' paintings.

Quick Art: Art of the Ordinary
My review of a book about how to make the type of modern art you often see in decor shops. The authors believe all you need to paint in this style is some sense of color and determination.

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