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Painting Trees and Painting from Photos - About.com
Artist and art tutor Jerry Fresia expresses his thoughts on painting from photos ( don't!), and how first-hand observation is crucial to painting trees and branches ...
Why Shouldn't Artists Paint from Photos? - Painting - About.com
Apr 5, 2006 ... The thorny question of painting from photos has been raised again by Art News Blog, which asks: "'Why should a painting based on a ...
How Do You Paint from Photos? - Painting - About.com
... several photos you're using as reference? Do you use your own photos or other peoples? Share your thoughts and experiences on painting from photos here.
Copyright FAQ: May I Make a Painting of a Photograph? - About.com
The easiest solution to avoiding copyright issues when painting from photos is to take your own photos, or use the Artist's Reference Photos on this website, ...
Tips on Painting from Reference Photographs - About.com
If you're finding the paintings you're making from reference photographs aren't working, it may be because you're not taking enough photographs.
Learn How to Paint With Tips and Tutorials - Painting - About.com
Painting from Photos. Photos are an extremely useful tool for a painter. Find out how to make the most of your reference photos, and browse the collections of ...
Famous Artist Quotes Henri Matisse - Painting - About.com
Painting from Photos: "Photography has greatly disturbed the imagination, because one has seen things devoid of feeling. When I wanted to get rid of all ...
Reference Photographs for Artists - Painting - About.com
A collection of photographs for you to refer to when you're painting, including animals, trees, waves, and textures.
August 2007 Painting Project: Still Life with Fruit - About.com
This is my second attempt at still life. Mostly I've been painting from photos or pictures as reference. I found it so difficult to do the cloth. I kinda got a headache  ...
Rounding the Bend by LorraineMae - Painting - About.com
Actually I've never seen an ugly sunset especially one on the water. Of course since I was moss hunting, I didn't bring my camera, I find painting from photos very ...
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