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Landscape Painting, Including Trees, Clouds, and Sky - About.com
Here you'll find all my articles and plenty of tips to help you with landscape painting, from painting trees and clouds to the direction of the light.
7 Practical Tips for Landscape Painting - About.com
There's something about a spectacular landscape that makes my fingers itch to capture its essence on canvas, to be able to create a landscape painting that ...
Understanding Light Direction in Landscape Painting - About.com
One of the most crucial aspects for getting a landscape painting to look authentic is to have the direction of the light right. So what are your options?
How to Create Depth in a Landscape Painting - About.com
Using a lighter tone on what's in the distance of a landscape painting immediately gives a sense of depth. Photo 2011 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to ...
Definition of Landscape and Landscape Painting - Art History
Landscape is an academic category that refers to works of art which feature views of nature, including seascapes, cityscapes and waterscapes.
Abstract Landscape Painting - Step by Step Abstract Demo Heat ...
This painting isn't a pure abstract, but rather an abstraction created from a 'real' landscape. It was done in acrylic using the following colors: titanium buff, ...
Tree Painting Demo -- Landscape Painting Quiver Tree Step by Step
Landscape Painting: A step-by-step demonstration of painting a quiver tree.
Abstract Landscape Painting: Developing an Idea - About.com
Developing an idea for an abstract landscape painting, from an inspirational photo taken in southwestern Scotland.
Planning Landscape Paintings - About.com
A look at the decisions you need to make when planning landscape paintings, before you even put a brush into some paint.
Free Landscape Painting Videos - About.com
Watch landscape artists at work in this collection of free, short landscape painting videos.
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