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Oil Painting Palette of Artist Jerry Fresia - About.com
The colors used by oil painter Jerry Fresia on his painting palette.
Jerry Fresia Art Book -- Book Review The Practice and ... - Painting
A review of the book "The Practice and Philosophy of French Impressionism" by contemporary Impressionist Jerry Fresia.
Content Contributor - Jerry Fresia - Painting - About.com
Jerry Fresia holds a PhD from the University of Massachusetts in political science but left academia to pursue a career in painting, an activity he has studied ...
Broken Color Painting Techniques of the Impressionists - About.com
Using broken color is one of the fundamental painting techniques used by the ... How the Impressionists introduced broken color to painting. By Jerry Fresia.
Oil Painting Video: Still Life by Jerry Fresia - About.com
In this painting video contemporary Impressionist Jerry Fresia demonstrates the painting method he uses.
Why Talent Is Not Relevant in Art - Painting - About.com
By Jerry Fresia ... enough to pursue this thing called painting, or are we just wasting our time? ... You will be asking some master painting, "Do I measure up? ".
Jerry Fresia's Studio in Italy - Painting - About.com
What does your art studio or painting space look like? Share a photo using this online form, and peep into what other people's creative spaces.
Mastering Tonality in a Painting - About.com
Find out what tonality is and just why it's so important in a painting. ... Tonality in a Painting: Hard to See But So Essential. A look at what ... By Jerry Fresia.
Art Can Be Taught - Painting - About.com
Jerry Fresia ... 'How-to' instruction, or what might be called the mechanics of painting, is a necessary condition ... Flesh is painted with greens, blues and purples.
The Real Reason We Paint - Painting - About.com
... get out of it? This is what modern-day Impressionist Jerry Fresia believes. ... Why painting is a miracle and what happens to us when we put brush to canvas.
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