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Oil Painting Palette of Artist Jerry Fresia - About.com
The colors used by oil painter Jerry Fresia on his painting palette.
Jerry Fresia Art Book -- Book Review The Practice and ... - Painting
A review of the book "The Practice and Philosophy of French Impressionism" by contemporary Impressionist Jerry Fresia.
Content Contributor - Jerry Fresia - Painting - About.com
Jerry Fresia holds a PhD from the University of Massachusetts in political science but left academia to pursue a career in painting, an activity he has studied ...
Broken Color Painting Techniques of the Impressionists - About.com
Using broken color is one of the fundamental painting techniques used by the ... How the Impressionists introduced broken color to painting. By Jerry Fresia.
Oil Painting Video: Still Life by Jerry Fresia - About.com
In this painting video contemporary Impressionist Jerry Fresia demonstrates the painting method he uses.
Why Talent Is Not Relevant in Art - Painting - About.com
By Jerry Fresia ... enough to pursue this thing called painting, or are we just wasting our time? ... You will be asking some master painting, "Do I measure up? ".
Jerry Fresia's Studio in Italy - Painting - About.com
What does your art studio or painting space look like? Share a photo using this online form, and peep into what other people's creative spaces.
Mastering Tonality in a Painting - About.com
Find out what tonality is and just why it's so important in a painting. ... Tonality in a Painting: Hard to See But So Essential. A look at what ... By Jerry Fresia.
Art Can Be Taught - Painting - About.com
By Jerry Fresia ... And so painting recedes while rather vacuous concepts as conceptual art ... In painting, what we do is always complete in every stage. Seeing ...
The Real Reason We Paint - Painting - About.com
... get out of it? This is what modern-day Impressionist Jerry Fresia believes. ... Why painting is a miracle and what happens to us when we put brush to canvas.
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