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Art Ideas & Creativity - Painting - About.com
Every artist has days when they feel uninspired and uncreative. Here's help on getting over creative burnout and getting your enthusiasm and creativity back.
Books for Creative Inspiration and Ideas for Artists
My personal choice of the best books on creative inspiration and ideas for artists.
How to Beat Artist's Block - 12 Tips That Can Help
Tips for regaining your inspiration when you are suffering from artist's block or facing a creative blank.
Inspirational Quotes for Artists - Painting - About.com
I've put together this collection of quotes for artist who are feeling a bit down, to renew your inspiration and motivation!
More Tips on Overcoming Artist's Block - Painting - About.com
Get help with your creative block with these tips from artists who've faced the ... like to do is look at my portfolios of old paintings I did back when I had inspiration.
5 Ways to Develop as an Artist - Painting - About.com
Get back to the spirit of artists in Paris, try these ways to develop your style ... Ignore non-artist authorities. ... Halloween Jewelry Inspiration - vickiodell.com.
Drawing and Painting Ideas and Inspiration - How to Draw - About.com
Here are six sources of inspiration for drawing, painting - even scrapbooking. ... Gather creative input by checking out the work of other artists and writers, and ...
What Is the Purpose of Making Art? - Painting - About.com
In this article a working artist explains his thoughts on what makes something art, whether it has a purpose, and ... Halloween Jewelry Inspiration - vickiodell.com.
Painting Tips: Inspiration and Creativity - About.com
An ever-growing collection of tips to boost your inspiration and creativity. ... as a Painter · A tip on how to increase your productivity as an artist. Share ...
Inspiration for 3D - Tips for Overcoming an Artist's Block ... - About.com
Suggestions for 3D artists on how to maintain productivity during a creative block. ... down to sculpt, or paint, or write, or animate—the inspiration just isn't there.
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