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Why Talent Is Not Relevant in Art - Painting - About.com
Why artistic talent is a dirty word which wrongly makes it seem art is for a select few only.
Myths About Being an Artist - Painting - About.com
There are a lot of myths about what it takes to be an artist. Starting with the myth that talent is essential... it's not.
10 Ways to Create Art Even If You've No Artistic Talent - Painting
A tongue-in-cheek look at things you can do to create art even if you are sure you haven't an inch of artistic talent in you.
Art Quotes on Talent and Creativity - Painting - About.com
A collection of quotes on both art talent and creativity (or the lack thereof) to inspire and motivate you.
Share Your Ideas for Creating Art When Your Talent is on Holiday
Whether someone's having a creative crisis, a confidence crisis, or believes they just don't have sufficient talent to become an artist, there are ways everyone ...
Share Your Creativity Boosters - Painting - About.com
From the article: Art is Not About Talent. What in your life and artistic practice has boosted or increased your creativity or creative energy? What encourages you ...
Tips from Painters on Overcoming a Creative Block - Painting
Suffering from a creative drought, or artist's block, does not mean you're losing your artistic ability. You're just going through a temporary slump, that you will ...
Nurturing Gifted Children - Nurturing Artistic Talent by Wrapping Gifts
Jan 29, 2013 ... All they need is some plain paper and some crayons, paint, or colored pencils, and any other art supplies you'd like. It doesn't matter that your ...
Art Ideas & Creativity - Painting - About.com
Every artist has days when they feel uninspired and uncreative. ... Why artistic talent is a dirty word which wrongly makes it seem art is for a select few only.
Hard Work Makes Successful Artists, Not Talent - Painting - About.com
Oct 15, 2013 ... "Sometimes I feel like you need to be drawing beautiful figures by age six to even have the right to become an artist. I see people I admire and ...
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