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Painting Tutorials: Grey Scale Art Worksheet - About.com
A free art worksheet to use to complete a painting exercise on creating a tone or value grey scale successfully.
Free Tone and Value Art Worksheet - Painting - About.com
A free art worksheet to use to complete a painting exercise on creating tonal scales in various colors. Page 2.
Negative Space Art Worksheet - Painting - About.com
A free, printable art worksheet that will help you understand and use negative space.
Art Worksheet Color Mixing - Painting - About.com
A free printable art worksheet for a painting tutorial on color mixing. Page 4.
Art Worksheet for Painting Basic Shapes: Sphere - About.com
A free art worksheet to print out for for a lesson in painting basic shapes, in this instance a sphere. Page 5.
Free Abstract Art Worksheet for a Mondrian-Style Painting - About.com
Use this free art worksheet to paint your own geometric abstract in the style of Mondrian. Rectangles, squares, blue, red, white, and black are what you need.
Free Printable Art Worksheets - Painting - About.com
A collection of free art worksheets to use to complete various painting and art tutorials and exercises.
Free Printable Language Arts Worksheets
Free language arts worksheets for your students. Add these free printable language arts worksheets to your homeschool day to reinforce language arts skills ...
Free Pear Diamonds Card Art Worksheet - Painting - About.com
A printable template for painting a pear diamond design card. Page 13.
Art Worksheet: Apple Painted with Expressive Brush Strokes - Painting
A free printable art worksheet for a painting tutorial on expressive brush strokes. Page 8.
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