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2011 Readers' Choice of Favorite Art Materials and Books

About.com's 2011 Readers' Choice Awards is a showcase of the best products, features and services in multiple categories, from art and hobbies to technology and parenting. There's no prize -- just the bragging rights that come with getting recognized by the readers of one of the biggest networks on the web, and a winner's logo to put on your website.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted in the Art Materials and Books categories of the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards on About.com. The links below will take you to the winners in each category. Congrats to everyone!

2011 Art Materials and Books Categories: Finalists and Winners
Best Oil Paint
Best Acrylic Paint
Best Watercolor Paint
Best Pastels
Best Brush
Best Art Paper
Best Instructional Painting Book
Best Art Magazine

Congratulations to all the 2011 Winners!

*Polls closed at 11:59 pm EST 8 March 2011. There are internal checks in place to detect fraudulent voting activity, and in some cases the poll results shown during voting may not reflect the accurate final counts used to determine winners.

Learn more about the About.com's 2011 Readers' Choice Awards.

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