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Review of John Lovett's CD-ROM Watercolour Studio Workshop 2

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John Lovett Watercolour Studio Workshop

The Bottom Line

This CD-ROM is out-of-print. For a newer Lovett publication, see my review of his Splashing Paint DVD.

The equivalent of an excellent how-to watercolour book on a CD with the added bonus of video clips and audio. Now revised to make navigation even simpler.


  • Brings a great watercolour tutor into your home.
  • Click on audio button to have text read to you.
  • Demos show paintings evolve in front of you.


  • Takes hours to go through it all


  • Minimum computer required: 300mhx processor, Windows 98/200/NT/XP, 32MB RAM, 10MB hard disk space
  • Also sound card, 12xCD-ROM drive
  • Revised edition has even easier navigation than the first, including pop-up menu on each pag
  • Additional information added to revised edition, plus three new video demos
  • Format (size on screen) has been made larger and clarity of photos improved
  • Updates available from the publisher's website
  • Click on the audio button to have the text read to you
  • Now with two narrators, one male and one female, which creates nice variety

Guide Review - Review of John Lovett's CD-ROM Watercolour Studio Workshop 2

Australian John Lovett is an accomplished watercolourist who shares his knowledge is this CD in a friendly, easy-to-understand way. The CD is straightforward to navigate and each page can be printed (useful for the lessons). There are four sections: materials, techniques, lessons, and demonstrations. There's also a selection of reference photos for you to use (rivers, buildings, boats, plants, and animals).

The advantage this CD has over similar how-to watercolour books is that you can get the text read to you by clicking on the audio symbol, you can watch video clips of the techniques, and in the demos you can see the paintings evolve. It's a valuable addition to any watercolourist's library – 30 years' experience on a CD!

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