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Painting Realistic Fur

A tip to add to your fur painting knowledge


Do a background colour for each section of the animal. When that's dry, start painting the fur using a filbert rake brush and thinned paint. Use short brush strokes, painting in the direction the fur would grow (imagine how the fur would lie if you were petting the animal) and starting at the hair roots. Work your way from the tail and feet towards the head. Each new layer or row of fur will overlap the previous one.
Tip from: Blackstoneca.

Animal hair painting can present a problem. Albrecht Dürer painted a rabbit in watercolor that stands as a demonstration of how-to-do-it. The easy answer is dry brush. Use a damp spiky brush to delicately transfer light parallel lines. Some people use scratch board to scrape back to a white ground. Look at how it has been done before, experiment and do your own version.
Tip from: Jon Rader Jarvis

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