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Acrylic Painting Tip: DIY 'Stay Wet' Acrylics Palette

A helpful acrylic painting tip submitted by a fellow artist.


You don't have to spend money on one of those "stay wet" palettes. Get a regular white enamel palette (often called butcher's boards). Lay a few layers of wet paper towels in the bottom of it (it has an edge like a shallow baking dish) and then put a sheet of waxed paper or designer's vellum. When you are finished for the day, just lift the waxed paper up a little bit and spray some water on the paper towels. The only danger is, that your paints may start to mold after a few weeks. So don't be disgusting and do change the paper towels every once in a while.
Tip from: Sarah.

I have a small space in which to paint and little time to do so. I have trouble keeping my acrylics from drying out, so I found a 6 inch [12cm] round palette with a small space in the center to blend, and place a wet sponge cut to fit there. When finished painting, I store the palette in a baggie with a slide closer and my paints stay moist and ready to paint. Often I am only working with a few colors and this saves paint and time both.
Tip from: Nancy.

Instead of using a wet piece of watercolor paper underneath the greaseproof paper for a moisture-retaining palette for acrylic paint, wet a thin piece of sponge cut to size. It will stay wet longer than paper.

Tip from: Anne Nel

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