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Using Off-White to Create the Illusion of Distance

A helpful acrylic painting tip submitted by a fellow artist.


I have been painting with acrylics for quite sometime. Not until recently did I learn a great tip that I wish someone had shared with me. Once I paint with my acrylics, I mix a translucent glaze with an oyster or off-white. Coat all/parts of the painting with this. It creates the illusion of distance. Then go over the painting with the acrylics for those images that you want to appear closer. It works great particularly with murals.
Tip from: Melanie.

To achieve an illusion of distance, add a pale blue instead of a white to the distant objects (hills, whatever). Or put another way, when lightening colors to achieve a sense of distance, use pale blue not white paint. Things far away have little contrast and are always blue-ish. The bluer, the farther away they are. Distant objects should also not have shadows darker than mid tones.

Tip from: David Silvercloud

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