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How to Hang a Painting with Wire and D-Rings

If you've ever been woken by the thud of a painting hitting the floor in the middle of the night because the string it was hanging from had, then you probably don't need persuading to use picture wire instead. My new step-by-step demo shows how to attach D-rings and wire to hang a painting like a pro, including how to tie the knot. Take a look...

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May 14, 2011 at 8:54 pm
(1) E. J. says:

Great article for those who always wondered how this is done!

Just a few observations based on my experience:

1. Even though D-rings lie relatively flat, the “strap”, where it wraps around the D-ring, has a raised edge that will indeed either dent another canvas against which it is stacked or, just as bad in some cases, will easily scratch the finish on another frame. Many professional framers will cut small pieces of mat board and staple them over the D-rings to protect other art work when galleries stack pictures against the wall or the paintings are being transported. (Alternative: stick on some of the felt “bumpers” you can buy in just about any home improvement store; put one on either side of the D-ring to isolate it.)
2. I never bother putting the D-rings on at any sort of angle. I screw them in, hand tighten them, and then back the screw out about 1/4 turn. This allows the D-rings to pivot to an optimal angle when the picture is hung, without any risk of the screws pulling free.
3. Knots: If you use decent picture hanging wire rated for a weight greater than that of the picture, you don’t have to tie a knot. Just feed the ends of the wire through the rings and twist the ends around the wire five or six times. The only time I’d consider tying a knot was if the picture was extremely large or had a very heavy frame.
4. When in doubt, stop by a shop that frames art and just ask them to show you the backs of some of the frames they’ve wired. I’ve always found the folks who work in framing shops to be extremely generous with advice

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