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Walter Foster Painting Book Who or what helped you the most to get you started in painting? On the Painting Forum Papaya has started a discussion on this saying:
"When I first started painting I bought Walter Foster Books and I have to say to this day they were my biggest help and the most inspiring for me to continue painting. I will always have the fondest affection for those books and have more than a few that I'd never part with. I think Walter Foster has done as much as, or even more, to get people painting than most give him credit for.

"In addition, I'll also always have the fondest affection for Helen Van Wyk, she was one of a kind and her passing at a young age was a great loss to the art world. I couldn't wait to watch her painting programs on TV a few years ago."
I have an old Walter Foster book on my shelves, How to Draw and Paint Landscapes (priced $1.00 or "Not more than $1.25 in any foreign country") that had been one of my S.O.'s originally. While the quality of the printing doesn't quite match today's standards, the information it contains is very valid, well explained, and entertainingly expressed in places. ("Take your time, and please rub that 'I can't' look off your face...")

I've loved painting and drawing as long as I can remember, and I'm sure my Grandmother was a great influence here as she was always painting, drawing, embroidering, sewing... I've memories of her showing us her latest paintings whenever we visited, mostly pastels but also some oils, of her always trying new things and approaches to subjects.

Tell us who or what helped you get started in painting in this forum discussion...

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March 28, 2008 at 6:04 am
(1) Jack says:

I had a Walter Foster Seascape book. He did some great knife paintings of waves and rocks at different times of both day and night.

Oh what was that colour he used for certain parts of waves, chromium oxide green I think?

I remember he painted on course grain canvas using the painting knife technique – marvellous!

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